Level 4 Post-Emulsifiable Fluorescent Penetrant

Published: 6th March, 2018

Sensitivity Level 4 - Ultra-High

Meets the requirements of AMS 2644 (Mil I 25135)

Johnson & Allen have launched the L4 liquid penetrant series which includes NEON-L4 and EMU-L4. Together this pair function as a sensitivity level 4 inspection system which is the highest detection classification of any type of penetrant.

Aerospace grade penetrant - Suitable for highly critical components

NEON-L4 is a post-emulsifiable fluorescent penetrant for type D applications which was formulated to contain minimal harmful substances while having an ultra-high sensitivity. This makes NEON-L4 suitable for aerospace applications and for the inspection of highly critical components.

EMU-L4 is a penetrant emulsifier and remover which is applied after the dwell period so excess penetrant can be removed.

NEON-L4 and EMU-L4 are intended to work together and should not be used with any other kind of consumable product.

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