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400W Floodlight

Overhead UV-A Blacklight

High UV-A Intensity Flood Lamp

The 400W UV-A Floodlight is a high intensity 365nm backlight that is typically mounted overhead. With an extremely wide beam the 400W Floodlight is ideal for operators requiring good overall component irradiation (e.g. When washing off excessive penetrant etc.) Typically producing in excess of 1,800 μW/cm² when mounted overhead at the component surface at a distance of 1000mm.

The 400W Floodlight features fan assisted cooling so that UV output remains stable and an elapsed hour counter on the power unit so operators can track usage.

Hanging bracket for mounting included as standard. Replacement parts also available.

UV Light Spectral Output

The 400W UV-A Floodlight uses high intensity discharge Iron (Fe) doped metal halide bulbs in combination with a black woods glass filter to produce a UV light spectral output with a peak intensity of 365nm and within the wavelength range required by NDT standards.

Product Data

(Typical Overhead @ 1000mm)

>1800 μW/cm²

Peak Wavelength 365nm
UV Bulb Life (Typical) 500 hrs
Reflector Aluminium - UVL full spectrum grade
Input Voltage 230V

(60Hz options available on request)

Power 410W
Noise < 70 dB
Integral Fuse Protection 2 x 6.3 A miniature time lag fuses
(ceramic body 5mm x 20 mm)
Thermal Protection Auto-reset thermal cut-out
Construction Sheet Aluminium
Connecting Cable Length 3 m
(extensions available)
Weight ~2 kg


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