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DigiGauss DG1

Precision Magnetic Field Indicator

Designed by Johnson & Allen the DigiGauss DG1 is a digital update of the older mechanical deflection type magnetometer field indicator built to measure residual magnetism after demagnetising.

With a similar size, shape and feel as its mechanical counterpart the DigiGauss DG1 boasts a number of benefits from being a digital unit while still retaining a high level of familiarity. One key benefit is the ‘Gauss trip’ function where by the background becomes red to notify an operator when a Gauss reading exceeds a pre-programmed value - Typically 2 or 5 Gauss.

Product Data

  • Gauss trip function – Background becomes red to notify operator when a reading exceeds 2G, 5G or a customer defined Gauss value (Default 3G)
  • 0.1 Gauss scale increments
  • Full colour 160 x 128 OLED display with adjustable brightness
  • Retro deflection needle display mode
  • Large numerical value display mode
  • Single index button
  • Battery gauge function
  • Uses easily to obtain AAA batteries – Supplied with 2 x 1.5V batteries
  • Zero function to negate internal residual magnetism
  • Zero chamber included as standard
  • Aluminium construction
  • Electronic unit not damaged by excessive overloads like mechanical units
  • Fully calibrated +/- 20 Gauss to measure residual magnetism and supplied with relevant paper work
  • Digitally displays last calibration date and serial number on start up
  • Upgrade standard case to deluxe splash proof foam fitted case (Option)

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