Hardness Testers


Hardness Tester

EQ1000 - B2

Johnson & Allen supply Proceq's portable pen type Bambino hardness testers - These instruments are ideal for quick verification of material hardness.

For customers requiring hardness results from components under 5kg and with sections thinner than 3mm please see the ES-3 hardness tester instead.

Product Data

  • Pen design - Easy to use and ideal for quick measurements in the field
  • Works using the Leeb impact rebound method
  • A range of commonly used scales are selectable
  • Suitable for a large range of metals
  • Large display - Easy to read in dusty or dark environments
  • Supplied with D impact device - Optional DL impact device for working in confined spaces
  • Minimum thickness uncoupled/coupled of 25mm/3mm
  • Indicator warranty 24 months
  • Mechanical and electro-mechanical warranty 6 months
  • Test blocks and support rings available

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Hardness Testers

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