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UV-A LED Overhead Blacklight

365nm Blackout Booth Floodlight

The UV LED Strip Light use an array of Nichia brand LED’s to produce a wide and intense UV beam spread while taking up less space and requiring less power than conventional UV floodlights. Nichia LED’s are generally regarded as the industry gold standard, with Nichia having 50% of the Japanese LED market and approximately 25% of the global LED market. This is due to their products great performance and reliability.

The UV LED Strip Light is available in a range of sizes and are modular in design, allowing for multiple UV light installations if required. These blacklights require no warm up period and use UV transmitting acrylic on the front cover which will not degrade with use.

Ideal for use in blackout booths and in particular for mounting above liquid penetrant wash-off stations.

Versions Available

LED's Relative Output Length Input Power
2 Low 161 mm 4 W
3 Medium 161 mm 6 W
5 High 161 mm 10 W
10 High 311 mm 20 W
15 High 461 mm 30 W
20 High 611 mm 40 W


Product Data

Power Input 2 W per LED
UV Source Lifetime 25,000 hours (estimated)
Warm Up Instant
Peak UV Intensity 365nm
Wavelength 360 - 370nm
Construction Aluminium


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