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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The Proceq Zonotip is an ultrasonic probe and processing unit for measuring thicknesses. The unit is compact and shock resistant and suitable for almost any engineering environment.

The Zonotip is supplied with 2 probes and software which allow easy viewing of results. The Zonotip makes use of Proceq's patented algorithm which can automatically account for surface curvature and roughness. This Allows for inspection of corroded surfaces without user adjustment with the additional benefit of the contrast display larger than what many customers would expect to find on a gauge of this size – This makes the system very intuitive and easy to use.​

Zonotip+ Product Data

  • Includes all the features found in the standard Zonotip
  • 2.5MHz single element transducer - Easier for confined spaces
  • Scan mode - Show waveforms and save images to memory
  • The ability to scan through surface coatings - Includes paint

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Ultrasonic Testing

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