NDT Equipment Rental Service Launched

Published: 22nd February, 2018

Rent Non-Destructive Testing Equipment

Johnson & Allen launch NDT equipment hire services

New for 2018 Johnson & Allen are now providing an NDT equipment rental service covering magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspection equipment.

Johnson & Allen feel that it is the right time to launch a rental service at a time when UK engineering sectors are feeling the pinch from falling oil and gas revenues and a fluctuations in the steel industry. We are giving customers more choice in how they perform inspections and allowing smaller companies to access NDT without large upfront investments.

Click here to read more on what NDT equipment Johnson & Allen can provide

“Hiring NDT equipment is a cost effective solution that allows companies to better match their overheads with the work they actually have coming in, particularly with contract work which can be intermittent. Customers should not feel pressured into purchasing equipment which may not get used all that much.”

Simon Johnson (Business Development Manager)

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