New Labels For Consumable Products

Published: 22nd June, 2017

Aerosols, Bulk and Concentrates

Same products but with a new look...!

Johnson & Allen are updating their consumable labels which includes all aerosols, bulk and concentrate products.

Product names and formulations are unchanged - So customers will not have to make any changes to their procedures or ordering systems.

Aerosols 2017

What's new?

The new designs are a soft re-branding to update the cosmetics of our products - Giving them a more modern look and incorporating the new Johnson & Allen logo which was changed in 2016.

The changes will also bring greater consistency to the layout and colour pallets used in the designs as they are phased in over the coming months.

Any other changes?

  • Products of the same type share similar dominant colours - Penetrants are shades of red, cleaners blue, fluorescent inks green, developers purple etc.
  • Aerosol QR codes - Scan to browse product pages and download SDS’s.
  • Listing common standard compliance - Products display a number of common standards they comply with for quick reference.

Any problems with the new labelling? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

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