New Website Online

Published: 1st September, 2016

Johnson & Allen's New Website Comes Online

With the internet being the preferred method in which to evaluate and shop for products and services a company website is now more important than ever. Johnson & Allen’s old website served the company well but having being online for over 15 years with only minor updates it was due for a face lift.

We would like to welcome you to the new Johnson & Allen website!

Boasting new features and updated product information we hope visitors find the new website more accessible and easier to navigate. Simon Johnson who was heavily involved in the revamping said,

“I just thought one day the website needed some attention. It needed to look cleaner, more modern and better reflect the products and services we offer and ultimately the company as a whole. I hope people browsing the new site agree.”

If customers experience any technical issues or spots any mistakes then we would encourage them to drop an email to Simon at:

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