MPI Bench Units

A1J2 Blooper

Automatic Immersion Jig

High Throughput Immersion Unit

The A1J2 Blooper is a bespoke semi-automatic immersion type inspection unit. Components are lowed into a stainless steel tank and submerged in a bath of magnetic ink, energised and then inspected. The A1J2 Blooper is ideal for inspecting nuts, bolts, valves, high tensile pins, valves, cylinders, cam shafts, railway line retaining clips, drive shafts, gear wheels, drive links, tool bits and hand tool parts like chisels and hammer heads.

Product Data:

  • Input voltage 230V or 400V.
  • Current flow and mag coil configurations available.
  • Stainless Steel design.
  • Independent stations - Have 2 independent stations with their own controls on 1 unit.
  • Interchangeable support heads - Inspection of different components on the same unit.
  • A range of accessories available - Includes UV inspection lamps, specialist jigs and blackout booths.
  • Low maintenance unit.
  • Supplied fully calibrated with relevant paperwork.

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MPI Bench Units

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