Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Equipment

AC to DC Converter

J-Con Yoke Converter

Dual Socket Design

The J-Con AC to DC Converter turns either a 230V or 110V mains supply (depending on model) into a DC supply of the same Voltage, allowing AC yokes to operate as DC ones. This means operators can look for and find deeper, sub-surface defects than would be possible using just AC waveforms.

Both the 230V and 110V variant feature dual sockets so two yokes can be operated from the same converter.

The J-Con AC to DC Converter will work with all Johnson & Allen yokes and other brands of yokes with similar current requirements.


  • 230V - Converts 230VAC to 230VDC
  • 110V - Converts 110VAC to 110VDC


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