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Adjustable Hand Prod

Surface & Sub-Sea Prod

Type 1 Application Prod

The adjustable hand prod allows operators to perform pistol prod techniques with a single hand thus freeing the other hand for other tasks such as part manipulation or ink application.

This hand prod is built with high currents in mind and will work high output MPI power packs. The adjustable hand prod is also suitable for sub-sea use.

Product Data

  • Heavy duty Polyurethane body construction
  • Adjustable prod spacing from 100mm to 300mm
  • 95mm² cross section cable with length cut to customer requirement
  • Choice of Lug or Dinse Dix connectors on cables
  • Replaceable prod tips - Copper, Steel or Lead for sub-sea use
  • Energise switch optional
  • Stainless steel slides and corrosive resistant construction
  • Cables are easily replicable - Do not have to purchase a new prod when cables expire

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