Gauss Meters & Magnetometers

DigiGauss DG2

Magnetic Shot Timer & Field Indicator

The DigiGauss DG2 includes all the features found in the DigiGauss DG1 for measuring residual magnetism but includes additional 'MagTimer' shot timer and ‘MagScope’ functions.

Many industry standards state the duration of the magnetic ‘shot’ applied to a component when performing MPI. The DigiGauss DG2 makes it quick and easy to measure the duration of the 'shot' and displays the result to 2 decimal places. When selected the ‘MagScope’ oscilloscope function allows the Digi-Gauss DG2 to auto-detect and display AC, HWDC, FWDC and Thyristor waveforms (single cycle or four cycles) - Ideal for verifying if equipment is working as expected and as a teaching aid.

Product Data

  • Includes all the features found in the DigiGauss DG1
  • MagTimer shot timer function displays 'shot' duration to 2 decimal places
  • MagScope oscilloscope function

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