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70mm Small Aperture Demagnetizer

NDT Magnetizing Coil

The DMC70 is compact and powerful and can be used as both a magnetizing and demagnetizing coil. Encapsulated in a hard wearing polymer the DMC70 is resistant to impact, abrasion and corrosion damage. This unit is ideal for small tools and low volume demagnetization in almost any engineering environment.

The DMC70 is fitted with a self-resetting thermal cut-out to prevent burnouts from misuse as standard.

Versions Available

  • Bench Mounted (Default) - Standard version featuring a push-to-energize button on the front facia.
  • Hand Held - Handle on a side facia with a trigger switch.
  • Fluke - Features a base plate to allow the energizing button mounted to one side of the coil.

Product Data

Aperture 70mm
Voltage 230V
Current 0.65A
Frequency 50Hz
Modes AC
Field Strength >200 Gauss @ Center
Duty Cycle 25%
Max 'On' Time 30 Seconds
Weight 3Kg
Mains Lead 4m


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