Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) Consumables


Dye Penetrant Inspection Consumables Kit

Portable Liquid Penetrant Inspection Kit

DPI Kits include all the necessary NDT consumables needed to perform reliable liquid penetrant testing. Each kit is contained within a heavy duty plastic carry case and ship quickly upon payment.

Ideal for leak testing and contract work

The Johnson & Allen DPI Consumables Kit is ideal for contract work, teaching environments and for leak testing pipes, tanks and pressure vessels, particularly after welding. Liquid penetrant is frequently the most economical way to detect leaks with minimal training required.

Liquid penetrant leak testing is performed by applying JAP red dye penetrant to the component on one side of the enclosing wall or surface with JAD penetrant developer being applied to the opposite surface. The penetrant is then allow a dwell time to seep through any cracks which will present as a red indication on the developer side if present, indicating a leak.

Kit Includes

  • 2 x JAP Aerosols - Red dye penetrant
  • 3 x JAD Aerosol - Developer
  • 3 x JAC-2 Aerosol - Cleaner
  • 1 x Pack of 10 lint-free fabric cleaning cloths
  • 1 x Heavy duty plastic case

Mix & Match

Johnson & Allen offer a mix and match service if customers prefer other products in their kits to the ones listed above - We recommend customers specify their preference of consumables when they place their order. For more information on Johnson & Allen consumable products we recommend customers view the relevant individual product pages.

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DPI Consumables

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