Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Equipment


Fully Adjustable MPI Permanent Magnet

Unparalleled Adjustability

Designed with Magnetic Particle Inspection in mind, the Flexi-Mag is comprised of two separate magnets connected via a heavy duty chain and sheathed by a protective covering. This design offers unparalleled adjustability in the plane of the magnet making even the hardest inspection areas easy for the operator.

Flexi-Mag Articulation

Product Data

  • Great field strength to weight ratio - Uses specially developed Magnetic alloys
  • Lifting weight > 20Kg
  • No keeper required  
  • Weighs only 1Kg
  • Field > 2,700 Gauss at each pole
  • Maximum effective gap between poles 150mm (Recomended)
  • Each unit is individually serialised and lift tested as standard

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MPI Equipment

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