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Fuji Prescale

Pressure Reactive Film

Johnson and Allen supply Fuji brand Prescale - A pressure sensitive film that changes colour depending on the forces applied to it. The level of pressure is indicated by the density of the colour change. A useful product with many applications in the NDT industry and in general engineering.

Fuji films are supplied in rolls and are extremely thin and stable. They are easy to cut to any shape so they can be positioned to measure pressures in most locations. Johnson & Allen supplied two distinct kinds of prescale (mono-sheet and two-sheet types) in a range of sizes and sensitivities.

Samples are available for customers who are unsure upon request.

Types Available

  Roll Size Sheet Type
Ultra Super Low 270mm x 5m 2 Sheet
Super Low 270mm x 6m 2 Sheet
Low 270mm x 10m 2 Sheet
Medium 270mm x 10m 2 Sheet
Medium 270mm x 10m Mono Sheet
High 270mm x 10m Mono Sheet
Super High 270mm x 10m Mono Sheet


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