High Powered Demagnetisers

Bespoke Design

Johnson & Allen design and manufacture specialist high powered demagnetisers when apertures over 1000x1000mm are required. Typically these systems require a 400V supply and up to 600A but will produce in excess of 125 Gauss in the center of the aperture.

Product Data

  • 400V input voltage
  • Up to 1300x1300mm aperture sizes
  • Intermittent or continuous use
  • Includes RCD
  • Includes isolator
  • Optional timer controls
  • Optional conveyor, roller track, trolley and runway systems
  • Optional wear plates

Talk To Our Team

As with all bespoke builds Johnson & Allen recommend customers contact our technical sales department to discuss their precise needs first. Our experienced team can recommend the most economical way to achieve the level of demagnetisation sought. Typically residual magnetisms after demagnetisation are around 2 Gauss.

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