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Hirst GM07

Hirst GM07 Gauss Meter

Tangential Field Strength Meter

With over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing magnetic instrumentation operators can trust Hirst Gauss Meters for accuracy and durability.

The GM07 represents the second generation of microprocessor controlled digital Gaussmeters which uses the best signal processing techniques to offer sophisticated measuring functions in a simple to use, menu driven, hand held package.

Designed for factory floor, on-site and laboratory measurement of Magnetic flux Density and Magnetic Field Strength.

The GM07 Gauss Meter is supplied with a Transverse Hall Probe as standard - Axial Probes available on-request.

NDT Gauss Meter

Gauss meters are used in many industries to monitor magnetic fields on-site.

In Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Gauss meters are commonly used to verify the strength of magnetizing fields in Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) to ensure enough magnetic flux is being generated. If insufficient magnetic flux is present this may result in defects being missed by operators.

However Gauss meters are used extensively in other sectors including aerospace, motorsport, power generation, nuclear sectors and general manufacturing for a wide range of applications.

Key Features

  • Transverse Hall probe included as standard.
  • Range of Axial, Transverse, High Sensitivity and Fluxgate probes available to allow and extremely wide range of measurement.
  • Visible sensor point on probe.
  • Intuitive menu set-up with non-volatile memory.
  • Store measurements - Up to 100 at a time.
  • Dot matrix display with menu driven functions.
  • Powered by 4 x AA cells.
  • Easy to use menu enables operators to change settings efficiently.
  • Settings are automatically stored when you switch OFF - At switch ON it automatically remembers its previous setting.
  • Fast dispatch on prompt payment.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Calibration services are available from Johnson & Allen Ltd calibration lab.



DC magnetic field measurement


Maximum positive peak reading of the DC field


True RMS (Root mean Square) of input signal


Maximum true RMS (Root mean Square)


Maximum positive peak reading of the AC field


What is included?

GM07 Gauss Meter 1 OFF
Transverse Probe 1 OFF
Probe Protector 1 OFF
Zero Gauss Chamber 1 OFF
Calibration Certificate (ENGLISH) 1 OFF
Case 1 OFF
Scannable QR Code to Operator Manual (ENGLISH) 1 OFF

Full Measurement Ranges

  Tesla Gauss Amp/m Oersted
Range 1

3.000 T

30.00 kG 2388 kA/m 30.00 kOe
Range 2

300.0 mT

3.000 kG 238.8 kA/m 3.000 kOe

Range 3

30.00 mT 300.0 G 23.88 kA/m 300.0 Oe
Range 4 3.000 mT 30.00 G

2.388 kA/m

30.00 Oe


Technical Specification

Frequency Range - DC


Frequency Range - AC

15 Hz to 10 kHz
Operating Units


Maximum Operating Temperature


Minimum Operating Temperature


Battery Type

4 x AA Batteries

Dimensions (LWH)

175 x 89 x 40mm

Weight 430 g
Warranty 12 Months


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