Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) Equipment

Hoffmann TAM Panel

5 Star Panel

System Performance Check

Penetrant test panels based on the Pratt & Whitney TAM drawing 146040 are one of the most popular industry approved methods of performing system performance checks on DPI systems. In recent years reliable TAM panels have become notoriously difficult to get hold of since one of the few Pratt & Whitney approved manufactures has stopped producing them due to their inability to make consistent panels.

Pratt & Whitney Approved (146040)

Hoffmann are a recently Pratt & Whitney approved manufacturer of TAM panels. Made with German precision the Hoffmann TAM panel is a 2.5mm thick stainless steel plate with half the test surface hard coated with a micro thin chrome alloy. The chrome coloured half contains five controlled and evenly spaced cracked centers – With the cracked centers in a circular pattern forming 5 star-like shapes.

5 star shaped indications

The non-coated side is grit blasted to give a roughness (Ra = 2.0) and is for testing the washability* of penetrant and for performing background tests.

*Washability is the visual assessment of excess penetrant removal.

Versions Available

  • Grit Blasted - Has a chrome strip which has been lightly grit blasted in order to dull the surface.
  • Smooth - The chrome plated strip is not grit blasted.

TAM Panel Approvals

The Hoffmann TAM Panel has been approved as a reliable system performance check by the following groups:

Pratt & Whitney (PW)
General Electric (GE)
MTU Maintenance
Delta Airlines
Rolls Royce


Senior Aerospace (Thailand)

PCC Structurals


Product Data

  • Pratt & Whitney (146040) approved – An alternative to Sherwin TAM panels
  • Industry approved method of performing a penetrant system performance check
  • Made with German precision
  • Serialised and supplied calibrated with relevant paperwork
  • Supplied in storage case with foam insert
  • Case lid includes printed photos of that panels 5 star indications for quick reference

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