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Non-Aqueous Wet Developer

JAD 2 is a quick drying white liquid developer suitable for use with both red and fluorescent penetrants. JAD 2 is applied by aerosol to give thin and uniform coverage before being given adequate time to develop. After inspection JAD 2 should be removed using a penetrant cleaner such as JAC 2 or JAC 3.

Certified to meet Sulphur and Halogen levels required by military, nuclear and ASME standards.

Available in 400mL aerosols.

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Product Data

Flammability Extremely Flammable
Carrier Fluid Acetone
Propellant Dimethyl Ether
Type Type 1 and Type 2
Form Form D and E
Temperature Range 5 to 50°C
Shelf Life Aerosol - 18 Months
Standards ISO 3452
ISO 571
ASTM E1417


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