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JAY Bi-Volt


230V & 110V NDT Yoke

The JAY Bi-Volt is similar to our single Voltage JAY but gives the operator the choice of using either 230V or 110V mains supplies. Operators simply connect one of the two leads supplied and inspect as they would normally. The JAY Bi-Volt produces identical magnetic fields when supplied with the same voltage as the standard JAY.

The JAY Bi-Volt is ideal for operators who do contract work who cannot rely on a single type of mains supply being available in every premise they visit.

Product Data

Input Supply
230VAC @ 1.9A
110VAC @ 3.7A
Voltage Regulation ±10% of nominal
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Waveform AC
Switch Position Trigger Mounted
Recommended Pole Spacing 150mm
Pole Spacing Range 50 to 210mm
Leg / Pole Contact Size 25 x 25mm
Duty Cycle 50% - Maximum ON time 90 seconds
Lift Strength
100 to 150mm spacing
> 4.5 kg 
(Equivalent to 44 N)
Magnetic Field* > 2.5 kA/m 
@ 6 inch / 152mm spacing
Dimensions (LWH) 230 x 60 x 180mm
Weight 3.25 kg
Ingress Protection IP56
Mains Lead 4 Meters
Plug Type ‘C’ Form - 16A
Warranty 12 Months
Powerbelt Compatibility 110V Only


Specification Compliance

(List is not exhaustive)

ISO 9934: 2016
ASTM E 1444-22a
ASTM E 709-21
ASTM E3024-22a


*Note: The tangential extraneous magnetic field will vary depending on whether the yoke is energized in free space (unloaded) or when in contact with a part (loaded). Material properties and pole spacing will also alter the magnetic field. For this reason operators should not rely on field measurements alone as a performance check and should verify the lifting strength of the yoke with a 4.5kg test weight and use a QQI shim or flux indicator strip for evaluation before undertaking inspection.

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