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NDT Yoke Battery Pack

AC 'EAZY' Powerbelt for Portable MPI

Using the market proven JAY and JAYSON yokes as a base, Johnson & Allen researched and developed ways of making them portable. Unwilling to retreat from this task and using DC yokes as an easy way out, Johnson & Allen sought a way of maintaining the sought after 'skin effect' created by AC yokes while still having the unit powered by a lightweight battery - The skin effect producing the highest levels of defect detection clarity for surface and near surface defects. The result was the 'AC-EAZY' Powerbelt; A tool-belt design that can convert 12V DC into 110V AC.

Battery operated Wave Form Generator

The wave form generator in the JAY-PAC produces a stable supply that closely mimics a normal mains AC supply as opposed to using pulsed DC which generally gives a lower level of inspection clarity. The Lithium ion battery also features a ‘fuel gauge’ function so operators can view the remaining charge left in the battery.

Handheld Portable AC Electromagnet

For ease of use and increased safety Johnson & Allen fit the JAY and JAYSON with flexible curly leads and packaged them with Powerbelts to form JAY-PAC's, JAYSON-PAC's and JAYMI-PAC's.

For customers with existing mains powered yokes the AC ‘EAZY’ Powerbelt can be supplied by itself (without a yoke) and with a 110V female adaptor - The AC 'EAZY' Powerbelt will power most other brands of yoke with similar current requirements to our own.

Replacement parts also available.

AC 'EAZY' Powerbelt Includes

  • 1 x Inverter unit - Converts 12 DC to 110V AC
  • 1 x 18Ah Lithium battery - Lightweight at only 1.25Kg
  • 1 x Fast-charge battery charger - Includes several common plugs
  • 1 x Leather belt - 2" Thick
  • 1 x Leather inverter-battery double pouch
  • 1 x Leather yoke holder
  • 2 x Leather aerosol holders
  • 1 x Durable carry case with foam inserts

Additional Product Data

  • Can be supplied with a JAY, JAYSON or JAYMI yoke
  • Powerbelt available without yoke - 110V female adaptor accpets other similar types of yokes
  • Thick steeple jack type leather - Incredible hard wearing with a long product life
  • Battery holds enough charge for a full 8 hour shift on a single charge
  • Auto-sensing mode
  • Quick charger includes several common plugs
  • Additional pouches available
  • Ideal for rope access, working at heights or work in the field
  • Made in Sheffield with refurbishment and repair services available
  • UK Customers can request a demonstration - Please contact our head office
  • Patents applied for "Self contained body mounted MPI AC System" - UK 1117266.5, GB 1212644.7 and US 2013088220A1

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