460mm Aperture Demagnetiser

MPI Component Demagnetiser

The MC460 can be used as both a magnetising and demagnetising coil and is capable of finding circumferential orientated defects. With a sturdy PVC construction and with the coils fully sealed this unit is suitable for use in even the harshest engineering environments.

The MC460 is fitted with a self-resetting thermal cut-out to prevent burnouts from misuse and the AC only model is supplied with an energising Foot Pedal for ease of use.

Versions Available:

  • MC460/1 - AC Only
  • MC260/2 - AC/DC Model

AC/DC Model

The MC460 AC/DC demagnetizer is similar to the standard AC MC560 but is supplied with a sealed control box which features a mode selection dial to allow operators to select either AC or DC modes of operation.

The AC/DC version can be supplied with either a Foot Pedal or a Hand Control for energizing. The hand control also displays the currently selected mode.

The AC mode is effective at demagnetization / degaussing – However the DC waveforms produced by the MC460 (AC/DC) do not change polarity, so this mode is not suitable for demagnetizing parts. Therefore the DC mode should only be used when wanting to magnetize a part.

Product Data

Version AC Only AC/DC
Input Supply
230VAC @ 18.5A 230VAC @ 18.5A
Voltage Regulation ±10% of nominal ±10% of nominal
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Waveform AC AC / DC
Aperture Diameter 460mm (18 Inches) 460mm (18 Inches)
Energize Switch Position Foot Pedal Foot Pedal / Hand Control
Mode Selection N/A Selector Dial on Control Box
Duty Cycle 25% - Max. ON time 30 seconds 25% - Max. ON time 30 seconds
Magnetic Field
(@ Center)

110 Gauss
(8.8 KA/m)

110 Gauss
(8.8 KA/m)
Coil Dimensions (LWH) 600 x 130 x 680mm 600 x 130 x 680mm
Coil Weight 34 Kg 34 Kg
Control Box
Dimensions (LWH)
N/A 300 x 300 x 360mm
Control Box Weight N/A 23 Kg
Ingress Protection IP54 IP54
Mains Lead 4 Meters 4 Meters
Foot Pedal / Hand Control Lead 2 Meters 2 Meters
Plug Type ‘C’ Form - 32A ‘C’ Form - 32A
Warranty 12 Months 12 Months


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