Inspection Lamps


High Intensity 365nm UV LED Inspection Torch

The Mini-T is compact and powerful and ideal for the inspection of bores or components with unusual geometry. The Mini-T is supplied in a plastic carry case with foam inserts and includes 2 rechargeable Lithium ion batteries, battery charger and a selection of common plug adaptors.

Product Data:

  • UV max. output > 6000μW/cm2 @ 400mm
  • Beam spread > 50mm @ 400mm
  • White light < 5 Lux
  • 8 Hours of inspection on a single battery charge
  • Torch only 140mm in length
  • Tail cap on/off switch
  • Supplied with 2 rechargeable Lithium ion batteries and battery charger
  • Replacement parts and batteries available

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Inspection Lamps

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