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Bespoke Built

The process of NDT often produces harmful vapours as a result of using consumable products such as aerosols which frequently contain toxic solvents. Wall mounted extractor fans on external walls are the simplest way to overcome this problem but this is not always possible. When it is not possible the bespoke MAFU is a solution.

Compact and easy to service this unit is ideal for engineering workshops, NDT laboratories, training schools and places where space is at a premium. The MAFU is quality 3 level filter system capable of removing both harmful vapours and dust from the air with the additional benefit of being movable if test components are excessively large - The MAFU can be moved to the component.

Built with either caster wheels or adjustable feet.

Filter control and utility sockets

Bespoke Air Filtration Units can include a filter timer to track usage and notify operators when filters should be inspected and if required replaced.

Booth designs can also include front mounted utility sockets for Yokes and UV Inspection Lamps.  

Designs Available

  • Booth - Work station built on top of the main body
  • Trunk - Large extraction tube for positioning above working areas

Talk to our team

As with all bespoke builds Johnson & Allen recommend customers contact our technical sales department to discuss their precise needs first. Our experienced team can recommend the most economical way to achieve customer requirements.

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