Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Equipment

Reference Block Type 2

Temoin C Test Piece

Made according to MPI standard EN ISO 9934-2

Reference Block Type 2 consists of steel bar with a scale machined into its face with 2 permanent magnets on either end. The scale is calibrated such that the +4 mark represents a magnetic field with a strength of +100 A/m and the -4 mark represents -100 A/m.

Method of use

Once magnetic ink has been applied the indications will start at the ends of the scale (near the magnets) and decrease towards the centre. Operators should record the lengths in both the positive and negative parts of the scale - The result is the cumulative length of both indications. The length of the two indications should be equal.

Indication lengths give a measure of a consumable’s performance with longer indications been a measure of good performance and shorter indications suggesting poor consumable performance.

Keep away from external magnetic fields

Reference Block Type 2 is a self-contained test piece which requires no external magnetising field or currents to be applied to it. The test block should be kept away from magnetic fields, MPI equipment and demagnetisers.

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