Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Equipment

MPI Yoke Kit

Magnetic Particle Inspection Kit

Portable NDT Yoke Kit

Johnson & Allen's MPI kit contains everything needed for efficient on-site MPI. The MPI kit is ideal for contract work - Just prepare, inspect, clean and then put away again.

Available with or without a yoke included for customers with existing yokes - Both 230V and 110V yokes available.

Yoke Options

Kit Contents Include

  • 1 x Yoke
  • 2 x Neocol B Aerosols - Black magnetic ink
  • 2 x Neopaint NPT16 Aerosols - White contrast paint
  • 1 x NeoIndus 1ES Aerosol - Paint remover/degreaser
  • 1 x Wire brush
  • 1 x Pack of lint-free wipes
  • 1 x Carry case

Mix & Match

Johnson & Allen offer a mix and match service if customers prefer other products in their kits to the ones listed above - We recommend customers specify their preference of yoke and consumables when they place their order. For the more information on Johnson & Allen consumable products or the range of yokes we offer we recommend customers view the relevant individual product pages.

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