Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) Equipment

Inspection Tables

Steel Inspection Tables FOR NDT

Suitable for red colour contrast and fluorescent inspections

Johnson & Allen do a range of standard and bespoke NDT inspection tables such as heavy duty steel tables with dual turntable design for viewing a range of components with working load limits of 500kg and 1000kg on the small and large turntables respectively. The surface is a soft material similar to Nylon to reduce the risk of damage when loading heavy components.

Rather than scrambling over components on the floor and bending over for extended periods of time a good inspection table can make NDT faster, safer and reduce the chance of repetitive strains.

Blackout booths and a range of both white and UV inspection lighting is also available.


External Dimensions 1800 x 1800 x 1000mm (LWH)
Small Turntable Dimensions 600mm Diameter 
Small Turntable WLL 500 kg
Large Turntable Dimensions 1600mm Diameter
Large Turntable WLL 1000 kg


Bespoke Builds

If you have difficult to inspect components then come and discuss your problem with Johnson & Allen’s technical sales team through our website or by phone and email. They will be able to recommend the most economical solution for you and save your NDT department time and money when inspecting.

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