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Neoastra FCW

Fluorescent Magnetic Ink Concentrate

Suspended Magnetic Particles

Neoastra FCW is a water based fluorescent magnetic ink concentrate for use in MPI and was formulated to give defined indications using the highest grade of magnetic particles which were selected for their response to very low magnetic fields and for low coercivity. Neoastra FCW is ideal for the inspection of welds, pressure vessels, structures, pipes, castings, forgings and most other ferromagnetic components.

Neoastra FCW is a water based concentrate and should therefore be diluted before use. Typically one 500mL bottle of concentrate will make 25L of product.

Available in 500mL bottles.

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Product Data

UV Light >1000 μW/cm2
White Light <20 Lux
Flammability Non-Flammable
Carrier Fluid Water
Shelf Life 36 Months


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