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Neon W/W

Fluorescent Dye Penetrant

Water Washable Liquid Penetrant

Neon W/W is a water washable fluorescent dye penetrant for use in penetrant testing processes which should be viewed under 365nm UV light. Neon W/W uses a Hydrocarbon carrier fluid with additives to give a high level of inspection integrity and increase the ‘searching’ properties of the dye. Neon W/W should be applied to clean, grease free components and any surface coatings should be removed prior to inspection.

Neon W/W is ideal for the inspection of welded fabrications, pressure vessels, structures, pipes, castings, forgings, non-porous ceramics and many other non-ferrous and ferromagnetic components.

Neon W/W aerosols use a CO2 propellant which gives an excellent active product to propellant ratio when compared to liquid propellants like Butane, Isobutane and Propane.

Certified to meet Sulphur and Halogen levels required by military, nuclear and ASME standards.

Available in 400mL aerosols and in 5L bulk containers.

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Product Data

UV Light >1000 μW/cm2
White Light <20 Lux
Min. Dwell Time 15min
Flash Point >100°C
Carrier Fluid Hydrocarbon Mix.
Propellant Carbon Dioxide
Penetrant Type Type 1
Testing Method(s) A and C
Sensitivity Level 2 - Medium
Temperature Range 5 to 50°C
Shelf Life Aerosol - 18 Months
Bulk - 36 Months
Standards ISO 3452
ISO 571
ASTM E1417


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