Inspection Lamps

NeoVU-2 W

365nm UV LED Inspection Lamp

The NeoVU-2 W is compact, efficient and robust. So tough you can literally stand on its light weight body and it will not break making it ideal for heavy handed users and for use in even the harshest NDT environments. This unit is ideal for a huge array of MPI and DPI applications where standards dictate a minimum white light illumination.

Battery powered 12V DC version also available which includes a pouch for the waist worn battery. 

Product Data:

  • Auto-sensing unit takes between 230V and 110V
  • Extremely rugged CNC anodised Aluminium construction
  • No control box
  • Rear mounted on/off switch
  • Replacement bulbs available
  • Battery powered version available (Option)

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Inspection Lamps

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