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365nm UV LED Inspection Lamp

The NeoVU-3 is intended as the replacement for the existing Mercury vapour lamps. Using high intensity UV LED's the NeoVU-3 is capable of producing comparable outputs to older lamps while also being lighter and smaller. With a fast warm up time and stable 365nm output this unit is ideal for a huge array of MPI and DPI applications.

Versions Available:


Max. Intensity
@ 400mm

Beam Diameter
NeoVU-3 (SS) Smooth Spot 3500μW/cm2 200mm
NeoVU-3 (WB) Wide Beam 2400μW/cm2 300mm


Product Data:

  • Auto-sensing unit takes between 230V and 110V
  • White light < 5 Lux
  • Rugged Aluminium construction
  • Fan assisted cooling to guarantee optimal working temperatures
  • Significant energy savings over Mercury vapour units
  • Warm up period < 30 seconds
  • No control box
  • Rear mounted on/off switch
  • Replacement bulbs available

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Inspection Lamps

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