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PLOM 2 Tester

Pneumatic Lift Off Magnet (PLOM-2) Tester

Portable tester for verifying magnet pull strength

Originally designed for military use, the PLOM-2 Tester is an ideal solution for measuring the pull strength of magnets and is an alternative to using test weights when undertaking NDT.


  • Free standing unit.
  • light weight and portable.
  • Manufactured with 15mm natural grey PVC base.
  • Unit mounted on durable non-slip feet.
  • Features pneumatic cylinder, pressure gauge and pressure regulator - Mounted in a stainless-steel enclosure secured to the base.
  • Contact pole plate constructed of plated mild steel.
  • Heavy duty carrying handle.
  • Flush mounted 0-100 PSI, 50mm analogue pressure gauge.
  • Calibrated pressure gauge traceable to national standards.
  • External calibration plug adaptor.
  • 3 Pin fixed magnet anchor points for testing varying magnet sizes and type.
  • Stainless steel pneumatic cylinder ware plate.


  • Base dimensions 600mm (Long) x 270mm (Wide).
  • Component enclosure 270mm (long) x 270mm (Wide) x 150mm (high) - Not including carrying handle and pressure control equipment.
  • Contact pole plate 210mm x 50mm - Suitable for magnets with pole spacing up to 200mm (8”).
  • Quick release Air inlet coupling.
  • Approximate maximum weight 10kg.

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