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UV-A Radiometer

Dual 365nm UV-A & White Light Meter

Johnson and Allen are proud to be the sole UK agents for the Pollux UV-A Radiometer and white light Luxmeter.

Pollux uses a back-lit digital screen to display both the UV-A and white components of a light source simultaneously. Pollux is extremely reliable especially when compared to cheaper units on the market - Important when you consider why these readings need to be made in the first place. Pollux is battery powered, easy to use and complies with all known relevant aerospace and general engineering standards.

Every radiometer Johnson & Allen supply is serialised, fully calibrated and includes the corresponding paperwork with re-calibration services available from our Sheffield branch.

Product Data


UV-A Range 0 to 20,000 µW/cm²
UV-A Resolution 1 µW/cm²
Visible Range (White Light) 0 to 6,000 lux
Visible Resolution (White Light) 0.1 lux

9V Battery
(6F22, PP63 & 6LR61 types)

Battery Life (Typical) >40 hrs


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