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Reference Block Type 1

Penetrant Sensitivity Test Blocks

ISO 3452-3: 2013

ISO 3452-3: 2013 describes two types of reference blocks - Type 1 reference blocks are used to determine the sensitivity levels of both fluorescent and colour contrast penetrant product families and are supplied in pairs.

Type 1 blocks are made by plating hard Nickel Chromium alloy on a 2mm thick brass substrate and stressing the panel in tension. The hard NiCr is brittle in comparison to the brass substrate so that the cracks created in the plated layer are limited to the thickness of the layer. The panel is then cut in half perpendicular to the direction of the cracks thus creating a matching pair of virtually identical cracks of controlled depth.

Versions Available

Crack Depth Sensitivity Level (Unoffical) Method Suitability
50μm 1, 2, 3 & 4 Colour Contrast & Fluorescent
30μm 2, 3 & 4 Colour Contrast & Fluorescent
20μm 3 & 4 Fluorescent Only
10μm 4 Fluorescent Only


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