Scalpel Knife Blade Demagnetiser

Medical Application

The scalpel knife blade demagnetiser is a highly specialised unit Johnson & Allen designed for the medical sector. Medical scalpel blades need to sterilised after they are produced but this is not possible while the blades hold any sort magnetism. A consequence of sharpening the blades is magnetic adhesion of micron sized particles which have to be removed. To do this the residual magnetism needs to be extremely low - Ideally below 0.3 Gauss.

User Friendly Design

Highly automated, this unit is capable of processing in excess of 3000 medical scalpel blades in a single 5 second demagnetising cycle. The scalpel blades are loaded onto mandrils (Loaded with 200 scalpels each) and then inserted into the demagnetiser. The demagnetiser does not release the mandrils until the blades are fully demagnetised which reduces the risk of human error of removing scalpels too early.

This demagnetiser uses 'Platern' type configuration and is entirely enclosed within the machine with no moving parts visible or easily accessible to the operator while in use. This offers the highest levels of safety for such a system.

Talk To Our Team

As with all bespoke builds Johnson & Allen recommend customers contact our technical sales department to discuss their precise needs first. Our experienced team can recommend the most economical way to achieve what customers require.

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