Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths

TAM Panel Ultrasonic Bath

2.5 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Ultrasonic TAM Panel Cleaner

Available in heated and unheated versions, this bath features a simple timer control (0 to 15 minutes) and temperature (ambient to 60°C) where heated options are selected.

The bath is supplied complete with a stainless steel basket and ABS plastic lid, useable as a drip tray to collect excess water when the basket is removed from the tank. This bath provides the cost benefits of excellent entry level ultrasonics with high reliability.

Ideal for cleaning TAM panel test pieces before and after use as part of a penetrant line performance check.


Construction Case 304 Stainless Steel
Construction Tank 304 Stainless Steel
Control Analogue (Time)
Overall Dimensions 270 x 170 x 210mm (WxDxH)
Tank Dimensions 240 x 140 x 100mm (WxDxH)
Basket Dimensions 220 x 125 x 40mm (WxDxH)
Tank Capacity 2.75Litres
Working Capacity 2.5Litres
Ultrasonic Power  35W
Ultrasonic Power (per litre) 14/Litre
Operating Frequency 44KHz
Timer 0 – 15 minutes
Mains Connection 230Vac, 13A plug
Lid ABS Plastic
Basket Stainless Steel
Gross Weight 5kg
Net Weight 4.2kg


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Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths

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