MPI Bench Units

Toroidal & Split Coil

2 Station Inspection Unit For Circular Components

Consisting of two stations the bespoke built toroidal and split coil bench unit is designed for inspection of circular components without the need for a contact current to energise the test part. This unit can be supplied with a range of accessories including inspection lamps and booths.

Station 1 - Toroidal:

The toroidal station uses a 'pancake' type coil in the bed of the machine and is used for finding circumferential defects. The flux generated from this coil is intensified with a laminated core in the center to give exceptionally strong magnetic fields for inspection - Well within most Aerospace requirements.

Station 2 - Split Coil:

The split coil station 'threads' a component with a three turn split. This allows for radial defects to be found without damaging components - A potential risk when using high currents with other inspection techniques like current flow.

Product Data:

  • ‘Pancake’ coil output 1600A x 6 turns (Typically)
  • ‘Spilt’ coil output 1200A x 3 turns (Typically)
  • Stainless Steel design
  • Retractable threading bar and contact arm for ease of loading/unloading
  • Power transformers manufactured and tested in-house before installation
  • A range of accessories available

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