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The Tri-Ad is a portable power pack with variable AC and DC output and is ideal for performing pistol prod and encircling techniques - Due to the variable supply the Tri-Ad can be used for demagnetising too. The Tri-Ad can also be used in conjunction with fixed coils, split coils and ‘G’ clamp type prods. All cables use quick release DINSE connectors for increased inspection efficiency and the Tri-Ad is supplied fully calibrated and with the relevant paperwork. Energising foot pedals available.

Safety features such as a circuit breakers and a series of fuses are fitted as standard on the Tri-Mag to ensure that even inadvertent misuse will not put operators at risk. Johnson & Allen pride itself on high quality design and construction which is why the power transformers used in the Tri-Ad are wound, built and extensively tested in house before they are installed.

Typical Output

  • 4 Metre loop cable with AC output - Up to 1,800A
  • 175mm pistol prod spacing with AC output - Up to 1,500A
  • 4 Metre loop cable with DC output - Up to 1,400A
  • 175mm pistol prod spacing with DC output - Up to 1,200A

Product Data

Input Voltage 230V
Energising Modes AC
Meter Digital
Ammeter Range 0 to 2,000A
Weight 40Kg


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