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Blacklight Tube Unit

UV-A Overhead Strip Light

365nm Peak Intensity Floodlight

The Black Tube Unit is an overhead UV-A floodlight which produces light with a peak intensity of 365nm. The unit is supplied with adjustable mounting brackets and is completely sealed making it ideal for use outside and in wet and humid conditions. The Black Tube Unit is also modular allowing for multiple installations if required.

Johnson & Allen have supplied Black Tube Units to many satisfied customers for mounting inside of blackout booths above liquid penetrant stations and MPI bench units.

UV-A Output

Distance (mm) UV-A Output (μW/cm²)
0 7300
100 3900
200 1800
300 1200
400 900
600 500
800 400
1000 300


Product Data

UV Tubes

2 x 36 W (48″ long) Blacklight Tubes
2 x 30 W (36″ long) Blacklight Tubes
2 x 18 W (24″ long) Blacklight Tubes

UV Source Lifetime 3000 hrs (typical)
Construction Aluminium
Power 36 to 72 W
Fuse protection 3 Amps
Weight 6 kg
Operating Temperature 0 - 50 °C
Rating IP 65
RoHS Compliant Yes


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