Mobile Power Pack

Portable Current Generator

Bespoke Power Pack

In early 2017 a leading multinational company involved in energy generation across Europe contacted Johnson & Allen with requirements for a 2000A Power Pack.

The company is a big investor in all forms of energy generation with particularly strong investment in nuclear and green energy. As a result they required a reliable, easy-to-use Power Pack for encircling coil methods of MPI using a AC wave form.

​Bespoke NDT Mobile Power Pack


Encircling Cable Storage

Due to the diverse nature of the customer’s work the Power Pack had be highly portable and easy to relocate with minimal effort as it was expected that the unit would be routinely moved to different environments.

After discussions Johnson & Allen suggested a bespoke Mobile Power Pack loosely based off the K9 Power Pack design but incorporating an internal storage area so that the mains lead and encircling cables could be stored away fast.