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Johnson & Allen Activated Carbon Bags contain a highly-active and granular grade of activated carbon. Striking a balance between adsorption and transport pores Johnson & Allen Activated Carbon Bags are optimised for removing hydrocarbon contaminants from wash-off station waste.

Typically a set of Activated Carbon Bags will last up to 270 hours processing hours as a secondary filter before they should be 'switched' to being use as a primary filter - A total of 540 hours useful processing life. See the JAFIL page for more information.

The mesh bags containing the granules have been designed with the JAFIL water filtration range in mind - With practical dimensions to suit the diameter of the JAFIL tanks and a carrying handle on the top for easy handling - Existing filter bags are simple to replace once saturated.

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Product Data

  • Manufactured with NDT and liquid penetrant processes in mind.
  • Enhanced transport pore structure.
  • High density adsorbent grade activated carbon.
  • Filter bags are easy to handle and simple to replace - Practical size and weigh less than 14Kg when dry.
  • Ideal for use with JAFIL water filtration range.

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