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Johnson & Allen Activated Carbon Bags contain a highly-active and granular grade of activated carbon. Striking a balance between adsorption and transport pores Johnson & Allen Activated Carbon Bags are optimised for removing hydrocarbon contaminants from wash-off station waste.

Typically a set of Activated Carbon Bags will last up to 270 hours processing time.

The mesh bags containing the granules have been designed with the JAFIL water filtration range in mind - With practical dimensions to suit the diameter of the JAFIL tanks and a carrying handle on the top for easy handling - Existing filter bags are simple to replace once saturated.

Product Data

  • Manufactured with NDT and liquid penetrant processes in mind.
  • Enhanced transport pore structure.
  • High density adsorbent grade activated carbon.
  • Filter bags are easy to handle and simple to replace - Practical size and weigh less than 14Kg when dry.
  • Ideal for use with JAFIL water filtration range.

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