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JAFIL is a complete filtration system designed to process water containing Hydrocarbon contaminates. Hydrocarbon contaminates are a byproduct of using dye penetrants and are typically environmentally hazardous which can make it difficult to dispose of them. JAFIL uses Activated Carbon Filter Bags which are easily replicable bags filled with small active Carbon granules to filter these chemicals and allows the processed water which is then environmentally safe to be disposed via a foul drain.

JAFIL is a simple yet effective design requiring only occasional filter bag changes with no pre-treatment fluids or specialised cleaning regimes necessary. This makes JAFIL comparatively cheaper than ultra-filtration units while achieving similar results. Ideal for any industrial application where dye penetrants are being used regularly.

Removes 98% of Contaminants

JAFIL will remove more than 98% of contaminants in a single treatment cycle. The JAFIL system is fully automated when connected to a wash/drain station and is a pumped system to maximise processing volume.

Safeguard float switches mounted on the receiver and header tanks to prevent overflowing with audible alarm and warning lights to notify operators when system is at maximum capacity.

Activated Carbon Filter System

Activated Carbon filter bags will typically last up to 270 processing hours. JAFIL is fitted with a countdown timer to notify operators when saturation levels should be checked which can be adjusted to suit waste concentration. JAFIL includes a sight glass with built-in UV light so saturation levels can be checked.

Versions Available

JAFIL45 Processes 45 Litres / Hr
JAFIL90 Processes 90 Litres / Hr


Product Data

  • Input 230/400VAC
  • Fully automated pumped system to maximise processing volume
  • Safeguard float switches mounted in the reciever and header tanks to prevent overflowing
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sight glass to indicate when filters need replacing
  • Low operating costs with custom long lasting active Carbon filter bags
  • Durable Polypropylene filtration towers
  • Mounted on casters for easy re-siting

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