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FW Bell 5170

Digital Gauss Meter

The 5100 series Gauss Meters are now discounted due to obsolescence of multiple key BOM components used in its production. These are no longer available. This page will remain live for information purposes only.

The new 5200 series Gauss Meters are expected to be in-stock in mid 2023 - Click here for more information

The FW Bell 5170 is a precision Gauss meter with digital display. This product is ideal for measuring the strength of energising AC and DC magnetic fields and also checking components for residual magnetism. The FW Bell 5170 offers unparalleled levels of accuracy over a large ranges with three sampling ranges and three selectable resolutions.

Supplied with either or both transverse and longitudinal probes, zero chamber, calibrated and with the relevant paperwork.

Probes Available

  • Transverse Probe
  • Longitudinal Probe

Product Data

Accuracy 2%
Frequency Bandwidth 20KHz (DC)
Sampling Rate 5 / Sec.

Low - 200G
Mid. - 2KG
High - 20KG

Resolution Low - 0.1G
Mid. - 1.0G
High - 10G
Display LCD
Measurement Units Gauss
Analogue Output None
Digital Output None
Operating Temp. Range 0 to 50°C
Storage Temp. Range -25 to 70°C
Power 4 x AA Batteries (20 Hr. Life)
Size 172 x 98 x 36mm


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